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Just had to replace a pump that pooped it self (catastrophically) inside my machine. In case any one was wondering how they work and whats inside: In the first photo I have removed the screw on cap/gasket so you can look head on into the piston. The piston moves forward and back while it turns inside the housing. In the up position the piston retracts to create vacuum and suck in colorant. In the down position the piston pushes forward and creates pressure to push the colorant through a flexible plastic line and out the through the nozzle. The software that drives the small 1.75 stepper motor is calibrated in #revolutions / fl-oz of colorant (roughly 1000 revolutions/floz) which is measured via a small scale and known density values (do not use msds values. call the lab for latest measurements) of colorant. For example say the ideal value is 1275 rev/fl-oz. After carefully calibrating the scale you would measure how much colorant is dispensed at 1200rev/floz and 1400rev/floz and from there you can derive the correct settings. I have measured the linearity of these motors and it is sufficient to just measure twice and use a linear approximation. This is something you can do your self with pen and graph paper instead of paying $1000 for a 'certified' technician to do it for you.
Category: Painter Post By: MICHELLE LOPEZ (Schenectady, NY), 07/12/2019

In case anyone is interested, it's $300.00 just to have a Fluid Management technician come to your store and LOOK at your tint machine. For a small business it is quite an expense to maintain these machines.

- CLIFFORD BURTON (Kenner, LA), 08/19/2019

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